Trauma Informed Classrooms Professional Development

Kids are overwhelmed with the stress, trauma, and drama of everyday life. They have few resources to support their social-emotional health. Difficulties with life issues shows up as inability to focus, learn, and have positive relationships in the classroom and in life. The Imagine Project writing activity is a simple 7-step process that helps kids in a classroom setting, via a counselor, parent, or mentor.

Dianne (or a staff member) can come into your organization or school to teach staff how to use the process. It’s a simple technique that can be incorporated by reading, The Imagine Project: Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress, or using the lesson plans. Some teachers and other staff members feel more comfortable taking a class on how to use it before incorporating into their literacy program or other formats. This education segment is typically a 2 hour class. Contact for more information. Thank you!

Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress

*This workshop can be geared towards kids, teens, or adults.

Often the old stories that we have in our heads influence the way we perceive ourselves and live life. In many cases, these old stories hold us back from overcoming challenges and achieving our goals and dreams.

In this very powerful workshop, Dianne takes attendees through The Imagine Project™ process. Using a simple 7-step template, participants will find it easy, enlightening, and powerful to bring their old stories to light and find a deeper understanding of them. Participants are then guided to let go of the negative impact of the old story and invited to Imagine and write a new story in its place. Each participant creates a new vision of a life full of unlimited opportunities and leaves feeling hopeful and excited about their future.

For more information on using this program with kids and teens please contact Dianne at

Participants will leave feeling hopeful and excited about the new opportunities in their lives!

Key Points:

  • Learn to recognize the old stories that are holding us back and creating negative blocks.
  • Acknowledging, embracing and moving forward.
  • Writing a new story.
  • Learning how to take that new story and put it into action!


“I want to express my sincere gratitude for your presentation at the CSCA conference. Your story and idea really made an impression on me and I want to implement it in our middle school. Thanks SO much!”
-Connie McCombe
6th Grade Counselor
Carson Middle School

“I attended your AMAZING presentation today! You did such an awesome job. I can’t wait to get back to my school and get some classroom lessons up and running on the Imagine Project! Thank you so much!!”

-Kate Fink
Counselor for Prevention
Ranch View Middle School

“I have undergone the Imagine process a couple times and each time I find something new hidden in my psyche. Each time I feel liberated and empowered. This project provides a safe place for individuals to step into that seat of vulnerability and ultimately self-acceptance.”

– Victoria Medina



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