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Mental health means having emotional, psychological, and social well-being; when we think, act, and feel from a balanced perspective the majority of the time. Having a balanced and grounded perspective helps us make healthy choices, be kind, express emotion, accept help when we need it, handle stress effectively, feel empathy, laugh, feel joy, and relate to others easily. This is true in every stage of life. As young children grow they develop these skills, and we even continue to develop them throughout adulthood.

Supporting and helping children find emotional wellness is a very important part of parenting. It’s also important for teachers, counselors, extended family, even coaches to spend time addressing emotional wellness as they surround and work with a child or teen. “It takes a village” as the old saying goes, and it’s still true today. We all can contribute to the health and well-being of a child. This is why The Imagine Project is so very important–it gives kids K-12 (and adults) a tool to use daily if needed to process and heal from difficult life experiences and everyday life challenges. The Imagine Project is a simple and free writing tool that asks the writer to tell their story beginning every sentence with the word Imagine. Not only does the writer express a difficult life experience, but they are prompted to Imagine a new ending to that story–this helps them move forward and see new possibilities in their lives. You can do The Imagine Project with your child and/or encourage teachers and counselors to use it as a group. The more someone uses it, the more they learn the power of expressing emotion and imagining new possibilities. Doing The Imagine Project as a family is a powerful process and will bring you even closer during simple and hard times.

Download the journals and start anytime. Encourage teachers, counselors, health care providers, friends, and family to do the same. You will love it and your kids (and you) will thrive because of it.

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