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Kindergarten Journal
My Imagine Journal™
A tool for kindergarten and 1st grade, helping students understand kindness, courage, and believing in themselves.


Kids Journal
My Imagine Journal™
for ages 6-12. A 7-step writing and drawing tool to help students process a difficult life experiences using the word “Imagine…” Kids love it!

Teen Journal
My Imagine Journal™
for ages 13-17. A simple and powerful 7-step writing tool that helps students process stress and trauma using the word “Imagine”.

Adult Journal
My Imagine Journal™
for ages 18+ Adults need help with stress and trauma too. When we help ourselves, we have more strength to help those we love, teach, and care for.

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Lesson Plans: 

Here are some lesson plans if you’d like those too. See our For Schools page for more information on videos and music!

Elementary Lesson Plan Grades K-5
(click image to download) Can be used for a classroom curriculum in elementary schools.

Lesson Plan Grades 6-12
(click image to download) Can be used for a classroom curriculum in middle or high schools.

5 Tips to Help Kids and Teens with Stress and Trauma:

  • Create calm times of the day, preferably an hour or longer.
  • Spend time with them doing silly and fun things like playing a game, being outdoors, cooking a fun meal (this helps kids calm down their nervous system so they aren’t so triggered by stress), or just plain talking.
  • Structure helps kids know what to expect which always improves stress.
  • Sleep and eat well (less sugar).
  • Help them write about their feelings (you can guess what format we recommend).

5 Facts about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): 

  • It’s based on the same theories as Chinese Medicine: Energy meridians runs through our bodies like blood runs through veins and arteries.
  •  When we have stressful or traumatic experiences in our lives, they make a negative, energetic imprint in our bodies.
  • Negative energetic imprints from past experiences create physical, mental, and even spiritual imbalances in our system.
  • EFT is simple and easy to learn and is very effective in stress management.
  • Research shows that EFT improves many issues from depression, anxiety, headaches, stomach aches, as well as many other physical and emotional issues. Research even shows it can improve brain function and change brain structure!

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