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There is nothing like video to help one understand the power of The Imagine Project! Enjoy!

Learn about The Imagine Project and how it will impact your classroom!!

This is a powerful video of 5th graders at Altitude Elementary reading their Imagine Stories. Their teacher and even a parent talk about the impact The Imagine Project has on their students and children.

Jay’s tell his powerful Imagine story about overcoming issues with his mom and family.

High school kids talking about how The Imagine Project impacted them.

Rona is an adorable 2nd grader who’s telling her Imagine story and her Imagine dreams.

Achmed tells his story about his father getting sick just before a family trip to Iraq. He asks everyone to embrace and appreciate those you love.

Hayden’s imagine story is about being small and having to take daily shots to grow. Powerful!

Natalia tells her story about a very challenging childhood. Her story will inspire you!

Kailee is an 8th grader who tells her powerful Imagine story about losing her dad when she was very young.

Dr. Heather LaChance talks about recognizing stress and trauma in kids and teens.

Faith tells her Imagine story about losing a sibling and how he’s her secret keeper. Inspiring!

Michelle Parker talks to her 5th grade students about doing The Imagine Project!

Michelle Parker (5th grade teacher) talks to teachers about using The Imagine Project in the classroom!

Tamra is a middle school counselor. Here are her thoughts on using The Imagine Project with her students.

Emily reads her incredible story about child molestation. She will inspire you!

Morgan, who is in 5th grade, created this video from Adobe Spark after writing her Imagine story.

Michelle shares her thoughts about The Imagine Project with her students

Kyra tell her Imagine story about having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Ashlynn tells the story of having a sick cousin. She’s so brave!

Courtney tells her Imagine story about her aunt suddenly getting sick and dying from cancer. A heart felt and inspiring story that many will resonate with.

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