Our Mission

The Imagine Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in Colorado in July 2015. Our mission is to ensure that all young people (K-12) are provided an opportunity to heal from stress and trauma through high-quality, therapeutic journaling. We give all kids an opportunity to talk about their feelings, process difficult life experiences, and Imagine a new story in their lives. The Imagine Project is an interactive, 7-step expressive writing tool that can be used by parents at home, teachers in a standard teaching environment, or by counselors or youth leaders in any organization that serves kids and those who care about them. Our mission is to give kids a voice to bring positive change into their lives, and those of future generations.

Recognizing that children in low-income, at-risk and minority communities are more likely to experience stress and trauma, we make it a priority to reach and serve these populations.

Imagine…being a child or teen, and experiencing intense challenges, heart-wrenching difficulties, or trauma.

Imagine…creating and believing stories about yourself, where you don’t matter, or you won’t succeed, or you cannot survive.

Imagine… fighting the demons that these stories bring to your heart.

Imagine…rewriting your story, where you envision a strong, worthy, able self, and a brighter future.

Imagine…realizing that when you allow yourself to imagine, you can create a path to do and be anything you truly want!


Using the Imagine format, kids realize that they have the power to write their own story.