Recently Dianne spoke to the entire Friesens’s staff of over 500. All of us who heard her, came away with the resolve to look at our own lives, understanding that we too have the ability to become extraordinary. We will look at each new day through her eyes, and see the opportunities we didn’t see in the past. Thank you Dianne.” -David Friesens

Dianne is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who infuses each presentation with intelligence, enthusiasm, humor, and deep compassion. With a lifelong commitment to health and healing, Dianne adeptly ignites those same qualities in her audience, creating a sense of personal as well as group interaction, reflection and growth.” -Claire Panke

Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress

Educators, counselors, administrators, and youth leaders deal with students every day who are stressed and often traumatized. Because stress and trauma are so prevalent in our challenging world, we need tools to support our youth. Kids need their own tools to help them through the daily challenges of life.  In this powerful keynote, Dianne explains the how’s, why’s, and details of stress and trauma so those who work with strugggling kids are prepared to support them. Through stories of her experiences with kids across the country, as well as her own inspiring story, participants understand the needs of our youth today, and leave with poverfull tools to use and teach to their kids. This includes Imagine Project, a 7-step expressive writing process will be taught and may be experienced by participants. These tools are simple, effective, and profound in helping kids cope with stress and trauma. Participants will be able to take these tools back to their work place and easily implement them.  Audiences members will leave feeling empowered and inspired!

Audiences will learn:

  1. Why helping a child process stress and trauma is important to their success in the classroom and life.
  2. Why supporting kids to achieve social-emotional balance is important in schools.
  3. A variety of simple tools including The Imagine Project expressive writing tool.

Honor your Story: Imagine your Dreams

Everyone has a story; a story that influences the way we perceive and function in life. What if your story is holding you back, keeping your from imagining your goals and dreams?

Life is more challenging than ever. Why let an old story get in the way of achieving what you desire most in life. Resilience comes from understanding our own abilities, cultivating empathy, courage, and compassion within. You will be inspired to move through that old, negative story and find that authentic, extraordinary you!

Imagining your dreams is about honoring your story and writing a new story.

Key Points:

  • Find compassion for yourself and others.
  • Recognize the old story that doesn’t support you.
  • Quickly acknowledge, embrace and move away from the negative blocks that your old story ties you to.
  • Reconnect to the extraordinary person underneath your old story.
  • Write a new story.
  • Take your new story and put it into action.
  • Live life as your authentic self.

Meet Dianne:


Dianne on The Meredith Vieira Show Part 2



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