Recently Dianne spoke to the entire Friesens’s staff of over 500. All of us who heard her, came away with the resolve to look at our own lives, understanding that we too have the ability to become extraordinary. We will look at each new day through her eyes, and see the opportunities we didn’t see in the past. Thank you Dianne.” -David Friesens

Dianne is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who infuses each presentation with intelligence, enthusiasm, humor, and deep compassion. With a lifelong commitment to health and healing, Dianne adeptly ignites those same qualities in her audience, creating a sense of personal as well as group interaction, reflection and growth.” -Claire Panke

Trauma Informed Schools

Stress and trauma are prevalent among kids of all ages. Research shows that kids are often even more stressed than adults. The ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study showed that at least 50% of all children will go through at least one traumatic experience before the age of 17—this can be even higher in communities where there is violence, poverty, even in rural communities. Stress and trauma show up in classrooms through difficulty learning, behavioral issues, and mental health challenges. Students need tools to support their ability to cope with the challenges in their lives.

As a thought leader in the field of stress and trauma and the author of multiple award winning books, Dianne presents detailed information about how stress and trauma affects learning in the classroom, as well as easy and applicable material that teachers and administrators can take back to their schools and implement immediately. Infused with stories and facts, teachers, counselors, admin, etc. will leave feeling inspired and empowered with useful tools to help their struggling students.

Giving the Next Generation a Voice for Positive Change

After publishing her first book, The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love (2013), Dianne realized the power of telling our important life stories beginning each sentence with the word, “Imagine…” She began asking children in schools, and her private practice, to write their stories using the word Imagine… and their stories gave Dianne a profound understanding of the stress and tauma many of them face. This inspired her to create The Imagine Project, Inc. a nonprofit organization that helps kids and teens process their challenging experiences by telling their stories and then Imagine news dream for their lives.

Dianne now travels across the country with The Imagine Project, helping children of all walks of life rise above stress and trauma, and listening to both the challenges and the remarkable resilience and perseverance of our youth.

In this keynote address, Dianne shares her experiences along with the amazing and hopeful stories she has heard. She will inspire you to bring The Imagine Project and other useful tools back to your home, school, practice, or community.

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Dianne on The Meredith Vieira Show (Part of this footage isn’t available on their website any longer)


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