Donate to The Imagine Project, Inc.

A donation to The Imagine Project, Inc. funds the transformation of kids and teens who have been negatively effected by stress and trauma.

Your help will save a child from a lifetime of mental or physical health problems.

Your help will promote positive interactions in homes, schools, youth organizations, and communities.

Your help will lesson bullying and promote trust, compassion, and kindness.

The Imagine Project journals are free for anyone in the world to download. They are simple and easy to use. Donations will help us bring the programs to more schools and youth programs both locally and globally.

5 Billion kids in 5 years! Yes, that’s our goal and we can do it with your help!

Give kids a voice for positive change in their lives!

Thank you for making a difference!

It is the policy of The Imagine Project, Inc. not to publish any information about our donors.  Due to the nature of our charitable purpose, we respect the privacy rights of our donors, and unless the Donor requests the disclosure, all our Donors are kept private.