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Byron – The Caterpillar Who Loved to Imagine!

Soft Cover – $9.99

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Byron loves to Imagine! He imagines so much he can’t stop talking about his dreams. When the animals in the forest tell him he will never be able to do the things he dreams of, Byron becomes very sad. Then he talks to the wise old owl who tells him to write down his Imagine dreams and listen to his heart, then magical things start happening! Help your kids Imagine the possibilities in their lives, believe in themselves, and listen to their hearts!  Learn More

Byron in Spanish!

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“My students love listening to Byron the Caterpillar dream about what’s next in his life, hearing that it’s important to listen to your heart and the message to never stop imagining!”

—Sam Alexander, 3rd grade teacher

“Byron is the perfect inspirational book for kids! I’m a 2nd grade teacher as well as a mom of 2 toddlers. Kids of all ages fall in love with Byron and are encouraged to imagine along with him!”

—Lauren Zuiker, 2nd grade teacher

Multi-award winning! The Imagine Project – Empowering Kids to Rise Above Drama, Trauma, and Stress

Soft Cover – $15.00

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The Imagine Project is a How-to guide that helps parents, teachers, and counselors support kids who are dealing drama, trauma, and stress. Every chapter has a Tips for Teachers section for quick implementation references for busy teachers. The book includes inspiring stories from kids of all ages, teachers, and parents. The Imagine Project will encourage kids to honor their resilience, imagine a brighter future, and identify the steps they can take to reach their goals. Most of all, they realize they have the power to write their own story in life!

Whether you’re a concerned parent, teacher, counselor, or youth leader, you’ll find information and strategies that will help you offer effective and compassionate support for children who are struggling.

“Dianne has provided a valuable resource, with a simple format, that supports students with stress and trauma to be more successful. It’s naturally blended with literacy processes that can be incorporated at home and in the classroom, giving teachers and parents a wonderful proactive tool kit.”

—Corey Wise
Executive Director of Schools,
Douglas County School District


The Imagine Project – Stories of Courage, Hope, and Love (also multi-award winning!)

Hard Cover – $28.00

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John Lennon showed us the power of the word Imagine when he asked us to Imagine Peace. In this inspirational and motivational book, the word Imagine is used to tell remarkable stories of ordinary people who have overcome and persevered through a variety of astonishing circumstances. The reader is invited to Imagine to lose themselves if only for a short while through reading these extraordinary stories of people from all across the US. Through listening to and reflecting on these incredible paths of personal fulfillment and transformation. You will feel encouraged, motivated and inspired to turn inward and reflect on your own story.

The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope, and Love is the most uplifting book I have read in a very long time. Strongly recommended to all in need of hope, love, and moral strength.”

–Diane Fern


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