My Imagine Journals ™

(Spanish versions coming soon!)

Kindergarten Journal

My Imagine Journal™ for kindergarteners

Kids Journal

My Imagine Journal™ for ages 6-12

Teen Journal

My Imagine Journal™ for ages 13-17

Adult Journal

My Imagine Journal™ for ages 18+


The Imagine Project Journal is a simple 7-step process that can be used at home, in a classroom, or in any therapeutic setting, to help kids process difficult life experiences. Click on the journals to download (and print) if you’d like. There are lessons plans for teachers on the For Schools page.

Here are some videos you can use with your kids to help inspire them during the process:

Use this video as an introduction to the project:

Use this video telling the students (teens) about other kids who have done the project:

These videos are more teen content. They are two people who are featured in the book talking about their stories and writing for the book.  

1. Jason Landers:

2. Paige Butkus: 

This is an inspiring video that will help the kids when they are getting ready to write about new possibilities in their lives:

An awesome Beyonce video that I sometimes use at the end to inspire the kids to make a mark on the world:

Playing music always helps while they write! Here are a few recommended songs:

The Story of My Life by One Direction

Roll up Your Sleeves by Meg Mac

Into Dust by Macey Star

Renegades by X Ambassadors

Be Yourself by Seth Alley

Lovely Day by Bill Withers

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Imagine by John Lennon

Fly by Maddie and Tae

This is my Fight Song by Outfit Studios

Roar by Katie Perry

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Enjoy! Email Dianne with any questions at 

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