Join our 2021 Pasta and PJ’s Virtual Gala!

Our Gala was a great success, thank you for all your love and support! Keep an eye out for our next fundraiser. More to come… Thank you again. Be safe and never stop Imagining!  

Along with Frank Maroney’s live performance (see below), we will have an incredible list of stars playing during the Gala programing as the bidding is happening. Among the list of stars so far are:

Nick Howard: Nick won the voice in Germany in 2012 and has a long list of accolades as well. He’s now living in Nashville and doing amazing work–we are so excited to have him!

Rena Strober: Rena starred on Broadway in Les Miserables, toured with Fiddler on the Roof, appeared in a long list of TV/Film including VEEP, Law & Order, Big Bang Theory, Shameless, and the list goes on. She has worked with Sesame Street and has her own Children’s Album called Imagine That! We are thrilled to have her perform with us!

Legendary singer and songwriter, Gary Morris, will performing the beautiful and inspirational song that fits The Imagine Project so well, Wind Beneath my Wings–we can’t wait!


A little taste of the last virtual Gala with Frank Maroney

Listen to Frank Maroney, a top Nashville singer/songwriter who played live before and after the event!


The Imagine Project is FREE to every teacher, parent, child, counselor, youth leader, etc. who need it.
Our Gala helps fund The Imagine Project so it can reach children all over the world.

Imagine…helping kids rise above drama, trauma, and stress.

Imagine…giving kids a tool to strengthen their resilience and bring positive change into their lives.

Imagine…giving every child hope!


By supporting The Imagine Project you will help to:

• decrease bullying
• diminish depression, anxiety, and suicide
• empower at-risk kids
• increase grade point averages
• decrease dropout rates
• raise HOPE!

A quick look at our Auction Items:

* A day of AVIATION! Come fly with Independence Aviation and discover the joy of what it’s like from the pilot’s seat! You’ll sit in the left seat with an instructor in the right seat, and you’ll be in charge of the controls as much as possible while following your instructor’s verbal guidance. You’ll be able to perform basic flight maneuvers including how to take off, climbing to cruise altitude, and turning back to the airport for your very first landing! When you flight is finished you can enjoy lunch at the Perfect Landing!

* Grand River Ranch Tailwater Guided Fly Fishing for 2! Full Day 2 person Fishing Trip on Exclusive Private water outside Kremmling, CO.

* 7 nights at the Luxurious Vidante Resort! A collection of beach front resorts to choose from. Located in stunning locations along the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, where everything has been created for happiness. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, endless pools, world class restaurants, activities for all ages, and a staff that caters to your every needs. You will enjoy a vacation filled with fun, relaxation, and the very best service in Mexico. With multiple locations offering distinctly unique and beautiful locals to experience, every trip can offer new and exciting ways to vacation with the same comfortable and friendly atmosphere. (Airfare not included)

We have amazing auction items including: Taking care of yourself items such as massages,  IV infusions, Doterra baskets, Chiropractic care, workout, personal coaching; beautiful jewelry; delicious restaurants; ski items, golf outings, and so much more. There is something for everyone–have a look at even buy a pasta dinner before they run out!



If you are unable to attend, you can support The Imagine Project by donating below. Thank you!

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