Honor your Story, Imagine your Dreams

*This workshop can be geared towards kids, teens, or adults

Often the old stories that we have in our heads influence the way we perceive ourselves and live life. In many cases, these old stories hold us back from overcoming challenges and achieving our goals and dreams.

In this very powerful workshop, Dianne takes attendees through The Imagine Project™ process. Using a simple 7-step template, participants will find it easy, enlightening, and powerful to bring their old stories to light and find a deeper understanding of them. Participants are then guided to let go of the negative impact of the old story and invited to Imagine and write a new story in its place. Each participant creates a new vision of a life full of unlimited opportunities and leaves feeling hopeful and excited about their future.

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Participants will leave feeling hopeful and excited about the new opportunities in their lives!


  • Learning to recognize the old stories that are holding them back and creating negative blocks.
  • Acknowledging, embracing and moving away from the old stories
  • Writing a new story for themselve
  • Learning how to take that new story and put it into action

I have undergone the Imagine process a couple times and each time I find something new hidden in my psyche. Each time I feel liberated and empowered. This project provides a safe place for individuals to step into that seat of vulnerability and ultimately self-acceptance.”

– Victoria Medina

Trauma Informed Classrooms

The ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) research project showed that at least 50% of all children will go through at least one traumatic experience before the age of 17–this can be much higher in communities where there is violence, poverty, even war. This study underscores the importance of teachers needing to be equiped with tools to support students who are coping with major challenges in their lives and therefore have difficulty learning. 

As a thought leader in the field of stress and trauma, Dianne presents detailed information about how stress and trauma affects learning and behavior in the classroom, as well as offering tools that teachers and administrators can take back to their classrooms and schools and implement immediately. Infused with stories and facts, teachers will feel like they have a better understanding of trauma and many helpful tools to support their struggling students.


Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Move through Life’s Obstacle:

Dianne teaches groups of up to 30 people the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a powerful tool in for healing and/or coping with the stresses of everyday life. Dianne’s teaching style is engaging and compassionate as you learn how to use EFT for yourself, your students, clients, patients, even your family members. Dianne incorporates her ability to get to the root of the issue into traditional EFT to teach participants the ins and outs and how to’s of the Emotional Freedom Technique.