Imagine… finding out you had a brain disease

Imagine… finding out it has no cure

Imagine… only being nine years old

Imagine… your whole life changing

Imagine… being angry but not knowing who to be angry at

Imagine… just wanting people to treat you like your normal again

Imagine… having to have 20+ brain surgeries

Imagine… knowing you could die every time you go back for one

Imagine… wanting to die

Imagine… realizing God has a plan for you

Imagine… that plan being bigger than you could have ever dreamed possible

Imagine… knowing that you have the choice to choose Joy and Strength over Sadness and Fear, no matter how you might feel

Imagine… knowing that your illness has a purpose

Imagine… knowing that you have a purpose

Imagine… knowing that you were given the ability to change the lives around you by your Bravery

Imagine… not letting your diagnosis win

By: Makayla Grace Uribe, 13 yrs. old

having great friends but knowing that you’re hardly ever 
going to see them again.

Imagine… seeing your friends cry for you but you can’t truthfully say that it’s going to be fine.

Imagine… that it might be the last time you ever see someone you love.

Imagine… going to your new school and there is so much homework to do that you don’t have time for any of your new friends or your old friends.

Imagine… after a while you get used to getting so much homework that it takes less time.

Imagine… that you can finally see your old friends and say it’s alright and they cry tears of joy and then you start crying too.

By: Billy, 10 yrs. old

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